Friday, January 11, 2008

Favorite moments...Shrubbery style

Here are my favorite moments…
1. The imagery of Duditz drunken dwarf slipping down the slime chute into…the Taint Room. (is Emi red faced yet)
2. Swanny trying to shoot a peeing monkey high atop the jungle canopy
3. My minotaur monk, or as Emi said, bouncing Tigger Monk.
4. The hawk flying at mach 2 into Rob’s sword, only to be unceremoniously turned into bird vapor.
5. From back in the day of 2nd Edition…my DM Kenny in utter bemusement, “You’re gonna do what?”
6. Same Kenny, “Please don’t…I beg you, please don’t”
7. “You’re naked, chained to a wall…”
8. S*** Pit (hint: both words rhyme)
9. Ahhhh, the joy of cold pizza, Coke that's lost its fizz, and Doritos.
10. True story...Back in 97-99, I lived in Greeley and gamed quite a bit. This one session every character got anihilated, except my Thri-Kreen mantis warrior/ranger. The only recourse to save a bunch of 8-9th level characters was to indiscriminately feed potions to the fallen. One dwarf was turned to stone, complete with Int. 2; my monk was turned into a leemur; a gnome was turned into cat; a human wizard turned blind. After the transformation the idiot stone dwarf, St. 25, developed a fondness for fuzzy woodland creatures and loved to hug the leemur monk, usually at the cost of 15hp. To this day I hate that dwarf.
11. Putting a Bag of Holding over that dwarf's head.

3 Speak now or forever shut the *bleep* up:

The Duditz said...

god if i have to hear about that thrikreen agin i'm gonna puick

Shrubbery said...

Until you learn how to spell don't come at me with your vapid, illiterate shit. Looks like you type with your forehead.

The Duditz said...

My nose you twit. Get me some concret ideas for single frame comics and I'll see what I can do. The temple is comming along swimmingly. And seriously the thrikreen make sme want to vommit :)